Toddler Can Name Every Organ In The Body

Toddler Elizabeth Christensen can do some pretty incredible things. Watch her give us an anatomy lesson.
Toddler Can Name Every Organ In The Body

At 2 years old, Elizabeth Christensen is pretty darn talented.

ELIZABETH VIA CITY OF PLANO, TEXAS: "These are the large intestines."

This is her telling us the name and function of every organ in the human body.

"Kidneys make you pee in the potty!"

Someone get that girl a medical school application!

The Plano, Texas, toddler's parents say they checked out an anatomy kit like this from the local library and Elizabeth took it from there.

The wunderkind herself told KTVT:

REPORTER: "So you're smart?"

ELIZABETH: "I taught myself to read."

REPORTER: "She's now learning how to play piano."

And her Facebook page says she started swimming lessons when she was 14 months old.

On the family's YouTube channel, Elizabeth's mom wrote: "I believe most children are just as capable as our daughter Elizabeth. I would like to think she is just gifted but truthfully I think we underestimate the abilities of our children."

The city of Plano is using Elizabeth's videos to promote its local libraries.

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