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HBO / "Game of Thrones"

ThronesWatch Ep. 9: Every Episode Is Better With Dragons

Our weekly recap vidcast discusses the fall of Stannis, the rise of Jorah and the questionable security at Meereen sporting events.

By Jamal Andress, Kyle Luke | June 9, 2015

Meereen's questionable security situation - :20 (Video via PBS / 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?', HBO / ' Game of Thrones')

The retribution of Ser Jorah - 1:20

Dragons are still the best part of any episode - 1:51

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Daenerys' 'Free Willy' moment - 3:00

That one terrible, awful scene (in this episode) - 4:03

That guy we can only hope Arya will murder in the next episode. Because, ewww. - 5:19

#ThronesWatch Power Rankings - 6:23

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