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Thousands Are Calling For In-N-Out To Finally Serve Veggie Burgers

The petition had over 28,400 signatures Thursday morning.
Thousands Are Calling For In-N-Out To Finally Serve Veggie Burgers

Thousands of people are trying to convince In-N-Out to serve veggie burgers. petition started by the Good Food Institute — based in Washington, D.C. — has gotten over 28,400 signatures since it was created earlier this month.

And the authors seem pretty upset about the lack of vegetarian options at the famous burger joint.

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The petition reads, in part, "If you want a meat-free meal at In-N-Out, you're going to be stuck eating multiple orders of French fries or a cheese-slathered bun."

If In-N-Out complies, it wouldn't be the first fast-food restaurant to serve vegetarian fare.

Many big-name menus already offer meatless options, including Chipotle, Taco Bell, Wendy's and even Burger King.

This is the second time a petition for In-N-Out veggie burgers has made the rounds online. Organizers say they are going to send the most recent petition's signatures to the chain's president.