This Former WWII Concentration Camp Will Become A Luxury Resort

An island concentration camp that once housed thousands of prisoners is being turned into a multimillion-dollar resort.
This Former WWII Concentration Camp Will Become A Luxury Resort

A former concentration camp in Europe is being turned into a luxury beach resort. 

Mamula Island located in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Montenegro, reportedly held about 2,300 prisoners during World War II.

That's a stark contrast to the pools, yacht marina, spas and dance floors that are planned for the location now

The decision to transform the island into a vacation spot has drawn some criticism, but the government of Montenegro defended its decision, saying the resort will be a boost to the economy. 

The property was leased for $1.64 per square meter. The developer says it plans to invest $16.4 million into the project. 

This video includes images from Salt & Water and Hons084 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY SA 4.0.

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