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This FBI Unit Wages War On 'Going Dark'

Law enforcement agencies around the country are left with few options for accessing data on encrypted devices. That's where the NDCAC comes in.
This FBI Unit Wages War On 'Going Dark'

This video is part of a wider Scripps News investigation. Read the full report here.

This FBI unit is trying to figure out how to access what's on suspects' phones (with a warrant, of course). And decryption is not an option. Because, as tech seeps into everyday lives, it's becoming more guarded.

It shouldn't be surprising. Since the Snowden leak, the public wants its tech secure, Silicon Valley is keeping tech secure, and the government isn't fighting it. But it creates a real challenge for law enforcement.

That's where the National Domestic Communications Assistance Center comes in. It's essentially a hub that U.S. law enforcement agencies can use to figure out the best way to execute a warrant without breaking a device's encryption. So if police need to access data from a locked phone or hard drive — like text messages from a suspect or a personal diary — then they'd go to the NDCAC.

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