This Domestic Violence PSA Has Powerful (If Misleading) Message

The woman in this PSA isn't actually a domestic abuse victim.
This Domestic Violence PSA Has Powerful (If Misleading) Message

Here's a PSA for all PSA creators: Don't do what this Serbian ad agency did and accidentally create a misleading message. 

The video is meant to show how domestic abuse can break a person down. It starts with selfies of a woman who looks healthy but later appears severely bruised and sporting open wounds. 

It ends on a picture of that woman holding a sign that reads: "Help me. I do not know if tomorrow will come" in Serbian, according to a translation from The Telegraf.

Except the woman wasn't actually a victim of abuse. She's a model, and makeup was used to create the bruises on her face. 

Many people online seemed to believe the woman in the video was a victim of abuse.

Regardless, it did send a powerful message about domestic violence — something 1 in 4 women will experience during their lifetime. 

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