These Little Girls Can't Get Over Their Adorable Christmas Gift

Christmas came early for three little girls in Texas when their parents surprised them with a little bundle of joy under the tree.

It doesn't get much more exciting than being a kid on Christmas morning. But that excitement came early for three girls in Texas this year thanks to a very special gift under the tree.

"That's your new baby brother!" Courtney Solstad said.

"I'm going to wet my pants," one of the girls said.

Courtney Solstad told her daughters she and her husband got them a present while they were out Christmas shopping.

And that present was their new adopted baby brother, swaddled and cozy, lying under the tree. 

"He's so sweet! Can I touch him?" the girls said.

Solstad says her daughters were unaware that a baby brother was even in the picture, and they seem pretty happy about it.

"Hi, little Nathan. Hi, Nathan!" the girls said.

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These Little Girls Can't Get Over Their Adorable Christmas Gift
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