The Washington Redskins On Twitter: A Thanksgiving Tradition

The Washington Redskins wished fans a Happy Thanksgiving on Twitter. Yeah, things got awkward quickly.
The Washington Redskins On Twitter: A Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year for family and overeating. But the role Native Americans played in the nearly 400-year-old tradition isn't glamorous. 

That's not stopping the Washington Redskins from celebrating, though.

And you thought your drunk uncle was awkward ...

"I'm America because that's where we are. In the garbage," Bobby Moynihan said as "Drunk Uncle" on "Saturday Night Live."

Twitter users poked fun at the Redskins' ironic tweet.

But the Redskins' Thanksgiving wishes go back years: 201420132012 (Oh hey, RGiII), 2011.

So does this mean the Redskins will change their name? 

"Redskins team owner says he will never change the Redskins name," WJLA reports


It's tradition, after all. 

This video includes images from Getty Images and the Library of Congress

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