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The UK Picks An Oil Field For Its First Target In Syria

Shortly after the British Parliament approved airstrikes in Syria, Royal Air Force jets took off from Akrotiri, Cyprus, and struck an ISIS oil field.
The UK Picks An Oil Field For Its First Target In Syria

The U.K. launched its first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

The planes took off from a British air force station in Cyprus not long after Parliament approved the strikes.

"Ayes to the right, 397. The noes to the left, 223. So the ayes have it. The ayes have it," said Speaker of the House Commons John Bercow.

The British jets targeted an ISIS-held oil field in eastern Syria. 

The U.K. is already conducting airstrikes in Iraq.

Now it has joined France and the U.S. in conducting anti-ISIS airstrikes in both Iraq and Syria. 

This video includes the song "Guardian" by Birocratic / CC BY 3.0