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United Nations / Mark Garten

The Syrian Chemical Attacks Will Finally Be Investigated

After months of building evidence of chemical weapon attacks taking place in Syria, the UNSC has voted to find out who's responsible.

By Jake Godin | August 8, 2015

The United Nations Security Council has voted to investigate the use of chemical weapon attacks in Syria. (Video via Syrian Civil Defense)

It was passed unanimously by all 15 member states. 

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad agreed to destroy its declared chemical weapons stock in 2013 after facing mounting pressure from both the U.S. and Russia. (Video via Presidency of the Syrian Arab RepublicU.S. Navy / Petty Officer 1st Class Isaiah Sellers III)

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But there's been evidence of chlorine attacks since then.

No one has been officially blamed for the attacks yet.

The U.S. has pinned the latest attacks on the Damascus, while others have been more hesitant to point any fingers.

This newly adopted UNSC measure will form a panel to figure out who's repsonsible. 

This video includes images from United Nations / Mark Garten and music by Josh Woodward / CC BY 3.0.

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