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Warner Bros. / 'Home Alone'

The Story Behind 'Keep The Change, Ya Filthy Animal' From 'Home Alone'

The gangster movie within the original movie has a plot all its own.

By Cody LaGrow | December 21, 2015

"Home Alone" is a classic movie.

That gave us this classic line.

Kevin McCallister was watching "Angels With Filthy Souls."

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That film was actually a fake movie made for "Home Alone."

The fake film scared Marv in the movie.

But it was quite fun IRL.

Vanity Fair interviewed Michael Guido, aka "Snakes."

Guido said shooting it was "kind of a party."

That could be because it was the only scene without children on-set.

The crew shot the gangster flick in one day ...

... in an abandoned high school gymnasium.

It was inspired by "Angels With Dirty Faces."

Happy holiday movie watching!

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