Tennessee FedEx Employee Accidentally Ships Himself To Texas

A FedEx worker fell asleep while he was loading a plane at an airport in Memphis, Tennessee.
Tennessee FedEx Employee Accidentally Ships Himself To Texas

A FedEx employee was clearly really tired during his shift at an airport. The man was loading packages when he fell asleep in the back of a plane and then unintentionally got a ride.

The employee was at the Memphis airport in Tennessee when he dozed off. He let the flight crew know he was on board when he woke up, but by then, the plane was almost to Lubbock, Texas.

In a statement, FedEx said it was notified but that "there was never any danger to our employees or cargo."

The City of Lubbock said, "The person was not arrested after police determined there was no criminal intent."

We're pretty sure next time, that employee will be reaching for a cup of coffee.

This video includes clips from PDX Aviation / CC BY 3.0Texas Chamber of Commerce and FedEx and images from Matthew Nichols / CC BY 2.0redlegsfan21 / CC BY SA 2.0Kimberly Vardeman / CC BY 2.0 and Facebook / Lubbock Police Department

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