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Target's Pop-Up Holiday Store Has Virtual Shopping Cart, Real Products

Using RFID technology, shoppers at Target's pop-up store in New York City use personalized tags to scan items and add them to a virtual shopping cart.
Target's Pop-Up Holiday Store Has Virtual Shopping Cart, Real Products

Target is introducing a pop-up store in New York City just in time for holiday shopping. 

"Target Wonderland, a temporary pop-up shop in New York City. ... Instead of a shopping cart, customers walk around with these RFID-enabled keys," an ABC reporter said.

RFID? Let us explain. 

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. 

What customers can do in this pop-up store is use their RFID tag to scan a product on display. The item then goes in a virtual shopping cart instead of a real one. 

One research firm says about 69 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned before customers actually buy anything. Maybe Target is hoping this new take on shopping online, while in person, will help lead to more checkouts.

And how often do you abandon a real shopping cart in a store? We're guessing not often. 

The pop-up store also has interactive video games and satellite chat with Santa at the North Pole.

The StarTribune summarized Target's temporary store as a "holiday-themed playground."

Bring on the impulse purchases.