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Syrian Refugee From Indiegogo Campaign Wants To Help Others

An Indiegogo page set up to help a Syrian refugee has raised a lot of money. Apparently the man wants to use the excess funds to help other refugees.
Syrian Refugee From Indiegogo Campaign Wants To Help Others

An Indiegogo campaign to help a Syrian refugee family has raised a lot of money, and the funds could end up aiding other Syrian refugees too.

The campaign began after a co-founder of Conflict News tracked down Abdul, a Palestinian Syrian he heard was selling pens to support his children in Beirut. After Abdul was located, an Indiegogo page was set up along with a #BuyPens Twitter account to help the man raise money.

According to the campaign page, Abdul fled Syria with his family and became a single father of two when his wife wanted to go back to Syria.

According to an update to the post, Abdul hopes some of the excess funds can go to other Syrian refugees, in addition to being used to send his children to school.

The campaign reached the original $5,000 goal within a half hour and had reached more than $86,000 on Friday.

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