Surprise! Florida Apparently Isn't The Best Place To Retire

Just because this city came in first doesn't mean it'll suit all of your needs.
Surprise! Florida Apparently Isn't The Best Place To Retire

While it seems everyone's plan is to retire and move to Florida, a new survey from might have you reconsidering your own goals.

The survey actually named Arlington, Virginia, as the best city for retirement.

The survey took into account eight categories: cost of living, crime, community pride, walkability, low taxes, affordable quality health care, comfortable weather and cultural activities.

But just because Arlington came in first doesn't necessarily mean that's the place that'll suit your needs.

For example, if low cost of living, low crime rate and comfortable weather are all the most important things to you, then you might find your way to Florida anyhow.

A representative from Bankrate said: "We found that smaller cities and suburbs fared the best. Most seniors prefer to live in these types of communities because they offer access to big-city amenities without as much hustle, bustle and crime."

This video includes a clip from Arlington Economic Development and an image from Getty Images.

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