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Amazing Surf Adventures

Surfing Offers Alternative Therapy For Wounded Veterans

When troops come back from combat, they are often left to deal with tolls on their bodies, but alternative therapies can help with the recovery.

By Melissa Prax | November 11, 2015

When troops come back from combat, they are often left to deal with physical, emotional and mental tolls on their bodies. 

The recovery process can be drawn out, but alternative therapies can offer confidence and a new zest for life.

One way is through sand, sun and catching a waveOperation Surf is designed to offer stress relief and therapy through surfing to those who've served. 

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"My right side can still not feel temperature or pain and my left side has mobility issues," Cameron Crosby told CNN. "You know, It's just a privilege to be out here."

But surfing isn't the only alternative therapy for veterans. 

The Foundation for Art and Healing connects those dealing with PTSD to art therapies such as performing

And programs across the nation like A Helping Hoof offer equestrian therapy to a variety of people, including veterans. 

The video contains an image from Getty Images. 

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