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CBS / 'The Late Show'

Stephen Colbert Has Some Really Bad Advice For Winning The Powerball

Stephen Colbert's lottery tips probably won't help you win, but they are entertaining.

By Ben Lawson | January 13, 2016

Stephen Colbert has some, uh, useful advice to help you win that massive $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot. 

"'The Late Show's' Powerball tip No. 1: Pick only winning numbers," Colbert joked during the show.

OK, so all his "advice" is actually pretty worthless. 

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"Tip No. 2: Know what numbers are. ... Those are not numbers. We all know what that is," Colbert said.

Yeah, not only does Colbert not think much of his viewers' intelligence, but he's also trying to get us to blow all our money. 

"If it's smart to buy as many tickets as you can afford, think how much smarter it is to buy more tickets than you can afford," Colbert said. 

But it's pretty hard to do anything to significantly increase your chances of winning, considering the odds are 1 in 292.2 million to start. Yikes.

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