Startup Offers '3-D Printer' For Beer; Now We've Seen It All

The "3-D printer for beer" is set to hit the market this spring, but will it find its niche?
Startup Offers '3-D Printer' For Beer; Now We've Seen It All

Meet the "3-D printer for beer."

 The PicoBrew Pico can brew beer on your kitchen countertop in a matter of hours.

It kind of works more like one of these ... 

Or like this, though SodaStream has struggled to find its niche market — which could also be a problem for PicoBrew Pico.

You buy a "Pak" that produces 14 bottles of beer. Put the Pak inside, press the button and wait.

It won't hit the market until spring. And the price tag is steep: $1,000.

But at least you can brag to your friends that you 3-D printed their pint?

This video includes images from Getty Images and PicoBrew.

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