Researchers Dropped A Bunch Of Dummies On Their Heads For Science

The team wanted to test the Hövding airbag helmet to see how it holds up against traditional helmets.
Researchers Dropped A Bunch Of Dummies On Their Heads For Science

Scientists are innovators, and a team at Stanford just proved it — by dropping some dummies on their heads. 

This is a Hövding. And turns out, it actually works five times better than a traditional hard biking helmet.

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The lead researcher said while foam bike helmets do protect against brain injury and skull fractures, they don't help with preventing concussions.

The airbag starts as a pouch that wraps around a biker's neck. When the bag senses motion uncommon for riding a bike — like a person falling or being hit by a large object — it automatically inflates to protect the rider's head and neck.

The helmet has actually been around for a while. It started out as a master's project for two university students in Sweden.

Biking is really popular there, so the country's helmet laws are pretty strict. The students wanted to develop a helmet that adults would actually want to wear — because we all know how fashionable the regular foam helmets are. 

The Hövding has gone through extensive testing since its creation, and the company says it has saved lives.

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