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St. Louis Ra... Los Angeles Rams Players React To Relocation

On Tuesday, NFL owners voted to allow the St. Louis Rams to relocate to Los Angeles starting next season.
St. Louis Ra... Los Angeles Rams Players React To Relocation

Goodbye, St. Louis Rams. Hello (again), Los Angeles Rams. 

"The NFL owners tonight approved the return of the Los Angeles Rams to the market," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said

In a 30-2 vote, NFL owners approved the Rams' move from St. Louis to Los Angeles starting next season.

"Thank you St. Louis for all the great memories created and thank you fans for all the support! 

#Stl.2011-2016       #L.A.HereWeCome" (@RQuinn94

"Coming Back Home To Play Football Professionally Where It All Started. Verbum Dei HS To UCLA Now Los Angeles Rams. #LARams" (@Akeem_Ayers

"Humbly, eternally gratefully: Thank you St. Louis. I'm sorry we fell short the past 8 years. You treated me like family anyways. I love yall" (@JOEL9ONE

"#thereturn it's official!!! Appreciate the support and love we got here in stl. Def will miss this place. Now it's time for a fresh start!!!" (@B_easy_uga9

"Our fans in STL have supported me since day 1 ... Thank you for the undying support of me and my family for the last 7 years! We are grateful! Go LA Rams!" (@JLaurinaitis55)

This video includes images from Getty Images, Samuel L / CC BY 2.0 and Tony Faiola / CC BY 2.0.