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Speechless Marshawn Lynch Strikes Again In New Pepsi Ad

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has managed to endorse Pepsi with as few words as possible.

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is really good at football ... and not talking to the media.

But that doesn't mean the five-time Pro Bowler isn't marketable. (Video via ESPN)

This newly released Pepsi commercial hilariously pokes fun at Lynch's infamous shunning of the media.  

"'Pepsi's all about trying something new. Give it a shot.' So I said, 'OK. As long as I don't have to speak.' And they said, 'OK. Would you at least move your lips?'" Lynch says in the commercial.

Looks like he's definitely got a sense of humor. 

The 30-second ad for Pepsi has gained tons of praise on Twitter, received a nearly perfect rating on YouTube and turned into a trending topic on Facebook.

While endorsing Pepsi might be new ad venture for Lynch, he's actually been a spokesman for Skittles for a few years now with similar success.

Word of advice: It's always a good idea to hand things off to Marshawn. 

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