Should You Pick Up A Coffee Habit If You Don't Already Have One?

There's been some positive research about our favorite caffeinated beverage, but some doctors are hesitant to recommend it as a health measure.
Should You Pick Up A Coffee Habit If You Don't Already Have One?

Research about drinking coffee can be overwhelming. Should you drink the stuff or not?

A writer for a New York Times blog wanted to know the answer to that same question. Specifically, is it worth it to start drinking coffee if you don't already?

One professor of nutrition told the Times that even though there's research on the benefits, "It's another thing to recommend it as a medical choice." And for some, those benefits could come along with side effects like insomnia and jitters.

But that positive research about coffee really does seem to be getting some attention.

A recent review of coffee studies concluded drinking a few cups of coffee a day could dramatically reduce your risk of alcohol-related liver cirrhosis.

Either way, it could be awhile until your doctor is writing you a prescription for your Starbucks habit.

This video includes clips from Mayo Clinic and Starbucks and an image from Jeremy Keith / CC BY 2.0.

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