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See Why One 'Hoarder' Left One Of Her Rooms Completely Empty

Nora's house on 'Hoarders: Family Secrets' was completely packed with junk. That is, except for one particular room.

So Nora's house was completely packed with junk on "Hoarders: Family Secrets" Thursday night. (Video via Lifetime / "Hoarders: Family Secrets")

Mounds of garbage and unused items flooded every single corner of her house.

 Well, almost every corner.

"So this room is special," said Dr. Michael Tompkins on "Hoarders: Family Secrets."

"It is very special to me, yes," said Nora.

"Would you like to make new, special memories with the people you love?" said Michael.

"Yes," said Nora.

Nora's son died more than 30 years ago, and Dr. Tompkins said she was filling the empty space in her heart with things. 

And while those things may have helped fill her heart, they was hurting her health. The house was so filthy, Nora developed a respiratory infection.

"I can't believe this is my sister who comes down and visits me all the time and she was living like this," said Virlee.

And fans on Twitter couldn't believe it either. Many were shocked to see just how much stuff she had accumulated.

Nora struggled at first to part with all of it. But when she learned it would be donated to homeless families, she started letting go a little more easily.

In the end, she donated almost 75 boxes of stuff. And she's probably happy she did.

Nora's home looked completely transformed once the cleaning crews were finished. And we hope she can keep it that way.

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