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ABC / 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

See 5 Glorious Reactions To The Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Prank

Jimmy Kimmel has convinced parents to lie to their kids about eating their Halloween candy for years. Their reactions fall into five basic categories.

By Ben Lawson | November 3, 2015

For five years now, Jimmy Kimmel has convinced parents to lie to their children about eating all of their Halloween candy. (Video via ABC / "Jimmy Kimmel Live")

This prank has been going on for so long that, at this point, we're starting to realize there are a few basic categories the kids' reactions fall into. 

There's the angry, but still adorable. 

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"Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me, dad?" 

There's the shock and horror.

"No, don't eat my candy! Oh, candy!" said another child. 

You have the angry but not as adorable. 

"Here, there are still a couple pieces left," said one kid's dad. 

The eerily understanding.

"So you aren't mad at mommy or anything?"


Then, finally, there's our new favorite — the streetwise kids. 

"That is totally Jimmy Kimmel-related and, sorry, but we aren't falling for it," said one child.

This video includes images from Steven Depelo / CC by 2.0Jeff Turner / CC by 2.0slgckgc / cc by 2.0,  Luke Jones / cc by 2.0 and Petey21 / CC by 1.0

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