SCOTUS To Make Decision Concerning Transgender Bathroom Use In Schools

The justices will hear the case of a transgender teen who filed a lawsuit against his Virginia school district so he could use the boys' bathroom.
SCOTUS To Make Decision Concerning Transgender Bathroom Use In Schools

On Friday, the Supreme Court announced it will decide which bathrooms transgender students are allowed to use in public schools. 

It all stems from a case in Virginia. Gavin Grimm, a transgender teen, filed a lawsuit against his school district for the right to use the boys' bathroom. 

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In April, a federal appeals court ruled in favor of Grimm. But in August, the Supreme Court stayed that ruling. And now, the justices say they will hear the case and make a final ruling. 

The Obama administration tried to settle the issue. In May, the departments of Justice and Education released new guidelines requiring schools to allow students to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. Thirteen states are fighting those guidelines. 

A date for oral arguments at the Supreme Court hasn't been scheduled yet. 

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