Saudi Snub? Royal Family Was Absent From President Obama's Arrival

Instead of being greeted by the royal family when he arrived in Saudi Arabia, President Obama was welcomed by a local governor.
Saudi Snub? Royal Family Was Absent From President Obama's Arrival

President Barack Obama landed in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, but his welcome crew at the airport probably wasn't what he expected.

Saudi Arabia's King Salman didn't greet the president at the airport, nor did any senior members of the royal family. Instead, he was greeted by the local governor. 

"These two leaders have been drifting apart, have dissimilar doctrines and strategically view things in a much different light. And that is straining everything. And I think what we saw at the airport today is symbolic of that," a CNN international editor said.

Obama did meet with King Salman to kick off his visit to Saudi Arabia. The two leaders discussed a variety of topics, including the fight against ISIS, social challenges in the region and Iran's recent actions.  

This is Obama's fourth trip to the country. He hosted King Salman at the White House in September of last year. 

This video includes clips from France 24

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