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Twitter / @kelssseyharmon

Sad Papaw Gives Us A Chance To Taste The Burgers His Grandkids Missed

The Twitter-famous granddad is hosting a cookout in Oklahoma, and everyone's invited.

By Ryan Biek | March 21, 2016

The man known as "sad Papaw" became Twitter-famous after cooking burgers for his six grandchildren and being stood up by all but one of them. But now, he's giving his grandkids a chance to redeem themselves at an open-invite cookout he's hosting on Saturday. 

His grandson said in a tweet the party in Oklahoma is for anyone who wishes to attend. He told KVUE at least 3,000 people have told him they're coming. 

It could be a lot more though, considering how angry the Internet was the first time Papaw's guests were no-shows. 

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Burgers will reportedly be sold for $2. But if you're not hungry, you'll still be able to buy an official Papaw T-shirt. 

Just don't show up to the cookout in a knockoff shirt. That'd probably make Papaw really sad. 

This video includes images from Twitter / @kelssseyharmon.

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