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Rio Olympics Are Shaping Up To Be Great For Michael Phelps ... So Far

The U.S. swimmer has already been named flag bearer for the opening ceremony and captain of the men's swim team.
Rio Olympics Are Shaping Up To Be Great For Michael Phelps ... So Far

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro don't officially start until Friday evening.

But before the competitions even begin, this year's games are already shaping up to be pretty great for swimmer Michael Phelps.

Team USA announced Wednesday the most decorated Olympian in history had been selected as the country's flag bearer for Friday's opening ceremony.

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Phelps, with 22 medals over his Olympic career, is only the second swimmer ever to carry the American flag in the history of the Summer Olympics.

And despite Rio being his fifth Olympic games, Phelps was named captain of the men's swim team this year for the first time.

Phelps, who is the first U.S. male swimmer to compete in a fifth Olympics, will first swim in the 200-meter butterfly on Monday.

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