Prince Philip: The F-Bomb-Dropping Duke Of Edinburgh

The famously outspoken Duke of Edinburgh has a history of hot-mic moments. Enjoy this highlight reel.

His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 

"Just take the f-----g picture," Prince Philip said.

Gaffe-tastic since 1921. (Video via BBC

“Dontopedalogy is the science of opening your mouth and putting your foot in it, a science which I have practised for a good many years," Prince Philip said in 1960.

Here's a look at our favorite foot-in-mouth moments. (Video via ITN)

Prince Philip to a blind woman with a guide dog: “Do you know they have eating dogs for the anorexic now?”

Prince Philip on Canada: “We don’t come here for our health.

Prince Philip to Britain’s Got Talent 2009 Winners: “Are you all one family?”

Prince Philip on His Daughter, Princess Anne: “If it doesn’t fart or eat hay, she isn’t interested.”

Prince Philip to a Women in Kenya: "You are a woman, aren't you?"

“That enough … That’s enough of that,” Prince Philip said. (Video via British Pathé

This video includes images from Getty Images and music by Kevin MacLeod / CC By 3.0 and Primordiality / CC By 3.0.

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Prince Philip: The F-Bomb-Dropping Duke Of Edinburgh
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