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Primary Front-Runners On Jan. 1 Often Don't Stay On Top For Long

In the past three elections, these candidates led the pack on the first day of the new year and ended up losing.
Primary Front-Runners On Jan. 1 Often Don't Stay On Top For Long

On New Year's Day, Hillary Clinton's primary lead hit 24 points and Donald Trump's rose to a 17-point lead. (Something he's not shy about mentioning.)

But being out in front on Jan. 1st doesn't get you to the White House. Just ask these folks.

In 2004, Governor Howard Dean was the Dem's frontrunner. He led the pack by 15 points

He dropped out a little more than a month later

In 2008, Clinton had her first stint as frontrunner; she led by 19.2 points

She conceded in June. 

Rudy Giuliani topped the GOP on the first day of '08 by 3.5 points

He quit 29 days later

In 2012, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was the frontrunner. He led by 2.2 points.

Gingrich left the race on May 2nd

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