Polls Will Make Twitter More Interesting: Yes Or No?

Twitter introduced Polls, a two-choice voting feature that's rolling out to users over the next few days.
Polls Will Make Twitter More Interesting: Yes Or No?

Back in my day, we used to have to ask our Twitter followers to retweet or favorite our tweets when we wanted an opinion on something: Is my "back in my day" joke funny? RT for yes; fave for no.

But Twitter's rolling out a new feature that will make it far simpler to get the opinions of your venerable followers: Twitter Polls.

Compose a question in the Twitter app on iOS and Android — or on the Web — and you should see a little blue pie chart. Tapping that pie chart lets you craft a two-choice poll.

If you see a poll you want to vote on, just tap your selection. No worries — your vote is private. Twitter says polls remain live for 24 hours, and at the end of the voting period, you'll get a notification so you can see the results.

If you're not seeing the option to set up a poll, fret not. Twitter says the new feature will appear on its apps and the Web over the next few days.

This video includes images from Getty Images and Twitter.

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