Peru Is Releasing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Baby Turtles Into The Wild

The eggs were collected throughout August and cared for until they hatched.
Peru Is Releasing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Baby Turtles Into The Wild

Peruvian environmental authorities have released 17,000 yellow-spotted river turtles into a protected area of Peru's Amazon River Basin.

The turtles, known locally as Taricaya, were released as part of a conservation effort. Peruvian officials consider the spotted turtles a vulnerable species.

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This release was the first of three — in all, the government plans to release 500,000 baby Taricayas by mid-November.

You might be wondering how officials got their hands on hundreds of thousands of baby turtles. Well, national conservation agency volunteers reportedly collected eggs throughout August and cared for them until they hatched.

The group hopes the release will spur protection efforts for the at-risk species for years to come. 

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