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Online Sales May Have Officially Taken Over The Market

For the first time in an annual survey, online purchases outnumbered those in-store.
Online Sales May Have Officially Taken Over The Market

What's better than shopping? Apparently, not having to go to the store to do it.

For the first time in an annual survey by UPS and comScore, purchases online outnumbered those in physical stores.

Last year, online sales made up 48 percent of purchases in the study. Now they represent 51 percent.

But you might take this finding with a grain of salt. If you dig deeper, you'll find participants had to make at least two online purchases in a typical three-month span to be counted in the study.

Still, a supply-chain consultant told The Wall Street Journal: "There's been a dramatic shift. Over time, people are getting more and more comfortable" shopping online. He says that's really hurt retailers.

Some businesses are now opting to cut their inventories and have their physical locations be a place for customers to see the products in person before buying online.

The strategy may be working. UPS reports 1 in 6 participants visited one of these "showrooms." And remember, these are "avid online shoppers."

This video includes clips from CBSUPS and CNN.