Winning That Olympic Medal Is Amazing, But It'll Cost You

For every win, Olympians can be taxed thousands of dollars.
Winning That Olympic Medal Is Amazing, But It'll Cost You

Ah, Olympic medals. They're shiny, meaningful and apparently expensive as hell for the athletes. 

For every medal an American athlete wins, the U.S. Olympic Committee drops some cash. For every gold, you get $25,000. For every silver, $15,000. And for every bronze, you get $10,000. 

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But those big Olympian smiles probably change just a bit when the victors realize Uncle Sam is coming. 

According to Americans for Tax Reform, Olympians could pay as much as $9,900 for gold, $5,940 for silver or $3,960 for bronze. PER MEDAL.

But luckily, a bill in the House right now would make medals and prize money tax exempt. It's already passed the Senate

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