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Now You Can Steal A Star Destroyer In 'Grand Theft Auto V'

If you're playing "Grand Theft Auto V" and think it needs a little more sci-fi, "Star Wars" mods can satiate your craving.
Now You Can Steal A Star Destroyer In 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Mods are a great way to change up a video game.

Especially ones that let you make your games more like a movie.

Which is why putting one of these in "Grand Theft Auto V" is pretty awesome.

Turns out, there are a couple more "Star Wars" mods for "GTA V" — here's a landspeeder

Then there's the TIE Fighter ... though it's hard to drive.

You can use the Force, too.

And there's a speeder bike that goes a little too fast.

Unfortunately there aren't any lightsabers quite yet, but seeing as how there are new mods coming out every day, we're sure they'll be one eventually. (Video via YouTube / SpiersTheAmazingHD)