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NFL Players Are Making Some Serious Holiday Fashion Statements

Odell Beckham Jr. broke out what might possibly be the best (or worst?) cleats ever before Sunday's game, but Brian Orakpo wouldn't be outdone.
NFL Players Are Making Some Serious Holiday Fashion Statements

These aren't your average football cleats, but Odell Beckham Jr. isn't your average NFL wide receiver. 

The New York Giants' OBJ got into the holiday spirit Sunday with these Christmas-themed cleats, complete with lights on the side, candy-cane laces and a present on top. (Video via Instagram / New York Giants

And you thought the pink cleats were hard on the eyes. 

Beckham's got a history of outlandish cleats, but these newest ones take the cake. 

Not to be outdone was Tennessee Titans linebacker Brian Orakpo, who came dressed to the nines with this Christmas-themed suit. (Video via ESPN

Yep. It's Christmastime in the NFL. 

Beckham Jr. left the shoes in the locker room for game time, though, because wearing non-NFL approved cleats would earn him a fine ... and maybe a lump of coal. 

This video includes images from Getty Images.