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NASA on The Commons

NASA Is Busting Myths About Astronaut Requirements

NASA is recruiting astronauts, and the requirements have changed a lot over the years.

By Samantha Crook | December 3, 2015

"I want you to apply for NASA's astronaut program," NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said.

NASA wants you.

So it's busting some myths about applying to be an astronaut.

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Myth 1: There are age requirements. FALSE.

Myth 2: Astronauts need a Ph.D. FALSE.

But your bachelor's must relate to engineering, mathematics, biology or physical science.

Myth 3: You need perfect vision. FALSE.

Kind of. NASA allows surgery to correct your vision to 20/20 at least a year before you apply. (Video via U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

Myth 4: You need military and pilot experience.


But being a pilot wouldn't hurt.

Compare that to the first NASA astronauts in 1959. All had engineering training and jet flight and military experience. (Video via NASA)

So dream big. 

Applications open Dec. 14.

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