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Meet The Owner Of The Fashion Industry's 'Perfect Butt'

This model's derriere might be the inspiration for your favorite pair of jeans.

Ladies, the jeans you're wearing might all be inspired by one model and what fashion experts have deemed her perfect derriere. 

34-year-old Natasha Wagner has worked for many labels like, Gap, Levi's, 7 For All Mankind and others.

"I think it's perfectly imperfect. It's perfect for what I do for my job," Wagner told ABC. 

Wagner stands at 5 feet 8 inches and wears size 28 jeans. The jean industry's standard size range is between a 24 and 32, putting her right in the middle. 

But Wagner is also a fit model, who acts as a live mannequin to help designers make their final adjustments before their products launch. 

A designer for Black Orchid Denim told Vogue"Natasha comes into play perfectly. She has the best of both worlds where she's slim and she still has shape."

Designers also reportedly crave her input on how to improve their products.

Another designer told Vogue, Wagner shows the "perfect balance of chiming in when necessary ... and standing back enough to let our design team do their job."

Multiple sources have noted the irony of being perfectly average in a world that praises almost unattainable physiques. But Wagner has literally shaped the industry, both with her body and her knowledge of how fashion should look and feel. Make sure to thank her the next time you put on your favorite pair of jeans.

This video includes images from Getty Images and Amanda Sage / CC by NC 2.0 and music by Bensound / CC by NC 3.0.

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Meet The Owner Of The Fashion Industry's 'Perfect Butt'
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