Marines Delay Women's Fitness Requirement

The physical fitness test required Marine recruits to perform three pull-ups. Only 45% of female recruits were successful.
Marines Delay Women's Fitness Requirement

A change requiring women recruits to perform pullups for the U.S. Marine Corps physical fitness test is being delayed.

In a YouTube video, Lance Cpl. Ally Beiswanger explains the delay is to "ensure all female Marines are given the best opportunity to succeed." (Via U.S. Marine Corps)

Gen. James F. Amos mandated the new requirement in 2012 to maintain equality among all Marines. (Via The Washington Post)

The delay was prompted by an announcement from the Marines back in November. It tweeted only 55 percent of female recruits were able to perform the three pull-ups required for graduation at the time. (Via Twitter / @USMC)

​The change was expected to happen in two phases. As of Jan. 1 of last year, women could choose between pull-ups or the flexed arm hang. (Via U.S. Marine Corps)

Phase two was then slated to begin on Jan. 1 of this year, and it would have dropped the option for the flexed arm hang. (Via The Washington Post)

The delay allows female recruits to continue choosing between the flexed arm hang and pull-ups until sometime later this year. (Via NPR)

Some fitness experts think differences in upper-body strength and genes, training approaches and social biases are among the reasons women cannot perform as many pullups as men. But they all agree it takes time and practice. (Via The Washington Post)

Maj. Gen. Bob Butcher says women need to be in top physical shape as they get closer to combat. Female Marines will be eligible for combat-ready units in 2016. (Via Daily Mail)

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