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Madrid Soccer Brings Hope For A Syrian Refugee Family

A Syrian family tripped by a Hungarian camerawoman got a chance to meet pro soccer players in Spain.
Madrid Soccer Brings Hope For A Syrian Refugee Family

The Syrian family tripped by a camerawoman while fleeing Hungarian police got a pleasant surprise this weekend — a visit with the stars of Real Madrid.

Osama Abdul Mohsen was crossing the Hungarian border with his son Zaid in his arms when he was tripped by a camerawoman for the Hungarian nationalist TV station N1TV.

A Madrid organization that trains soccer coaches invited the boy's father to come to Spain for professional opportunities at Cenafe after learning he coached soccer in Syria.

And his family was invited by Real Madrid to their game against Granada Saturday. Zaid even got to go on the field and meet some of the players. (Video via Real Madrid C.F.)

The camerawoman apologized earlier this month in a letter published by a Hungarian newspaper. She said she acted in self-defense and panicked. She is no longer employed by the news outlet she was reporting for.

This video includes images from Getty Images. 

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