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Let's Pretend Listening To T-Swift Raises Your Credit Score

WalletHub surveyed Americans to see how credit scores lined up with people's tastes in music, late night TV, sports and more.
Let's Pretend Listening To T-Swift Raises Your Credit Score

After asking Americans to check their credit scores, WalletHub surveyed 1,000 people about their preferences and home lives. The findings are intriguing: 

Of those with excellent credit, 88 percent prefer Taylor Swift to Kanye West. 

In late night, 66 percent of Charlie Rose fans have excellent credit; 10 percent of them have bad credit — whereas, Conan O'Brien fans are more evenly split with 32 percent having excellent credit and 27 percent having bad credit.

WalletHub's survey also found that of Americans who prefer hockey, 53 percent have excellent credit. Thirty-four percent of soccer fans, on the other hand, have bad credit.

And apparently, 49 percent of people without kids have excellent credit. Though, 49 percent of parents with three kids also have excellent credit. But 37 percent of parents with four or more kids have bad credit.

Like we said before, these findings are interesting, but are they just a coincidence? Probably, yeah. 

This video includes clips from Big Machine Records / Taylor SwiftPBS / "Charlie Rose," TBS / "Conan," GoPro and Roc-A-Fella Records / Kanye West and an image by Ludovic Riffault / CC BY 3.0.

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