Is Valentine's Day Un-Islamic? This Pakistan District Says Maybe

Parts of the predominantly Muslim country have put a damper on Valentine's Day celebrations in the past. In 2014, it caused protests to break out.
Is Valentine's Day Un-Islamic? This Pakistan District Says Maybe

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, but not everyone plans to celebrate.

In Pakistan's northern Kohat district, the local government has effectively banned stores from selling Valentine's Day gifts, like flowers and candy.

Pakistan is a largely Muslim country, and Kohat's main political party is religiously affiliated.

The city of Peshawar, in the same province, has also announced a ban on shops selling Valentine's day gifts.

Earlier this week, there were rumors Pakistan's capital Islamabad would be taking similar measures, but the government said those reports were inaccurate.

So is Valentine's Day un-Islamic? Well, some say it "insults" Islam and promotes Western ideologies.

Opponents say the holiday is centered around celebrating drinking alcohol and sex before marriage — two things that run counter to Islamic practices.

Pakistan has experienced Valentine's Day turmoil in the past, including protests.

This video includes clips from Hallmark CardsDawn NewsAbb TakkSamaa TVThe Express Tribune and Dunya News and an image from Aftabbanoori / CC BY SA 4.0.

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