Iraqi Prime Minister Announces Reforms Amid Protests

Amid country-wide protests, Iraq's prime minister has announced dramatic reforms to the government.
Iraqi Prime Minister Announces Reforms Amid Protests

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has announced big changes to curb government spending and combat corruption. 

The reforms include a quota for government positions filled by political independents and a committee to investigate and prosecute corruption. But the most extreme step is getting rid of the deputy prime minister position and three vice presidential positions. (Video via PBS

Al-Abadi's predecessor and rival Nouri al-Maliki just so happens to hold one of those VP posts. (Video via CCTV America

The announcement comes after weeks of anti-government protests putting pressure on al-Abadi.

"If he has to be more authoritarian to save the country, that's just what he will have to do," one protester told BBC.

"We are hopeful after these moves. We need strong and courageous decisions. He has the support of the people," another agreed. 


According to the BBC, al-Abadi's remaining cabinet supports the reforms, but Iraqi legal experts told The Washington Post he will also need approval from Parliament. 

This video includes images from Getty Images. 

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