Your Friend's iPhone 7 Might Be Better Than Yours

And it all depends on your carrier.

Apple apparently made different versions of the iPhone 7, and one of them might be ... a tad worse.

It has to do with the speed of the phones. Some iPhone 7s were built with a Qualcomm modem, while others have an Intel modem. Research firm Cellular Insights recently found Qualcomm modems work 30 percent better than their counterparts.

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And if you want to make sure you get the faster phone, you'd have to consider switching phone carriers.

Verizon, Sprint and SIM-free models have the Qualcomm modem. Phones from AT&T, T-Mobile and Telstra have the Intel hardware.

Before you start feeling cheated, you should probably know that this isn't a first for Apple. You might remember not too long ago that one iPhone model had a variation in its processors.

Plus, the difference in speeds in the iPhone 7 isn't that noticeable. Cellular Insights found the Intel modems were roughly the same speed as the iPhone 6S.

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Your Friend's iPhone 7 Might Be Better Than Yours
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