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How Twitter Can Help You Make Restaurant Reservations

Making reservations at your favorite restaurant is already pretty easy. But what if it was even easier? Say, as simple as sending a tweet?

By Briana Altergott | September 2, 2015

Making reservations at your favorite restaurant is already pretty easy these days.

If you have an account with OpenTable or similar services, a few keystrokes and clicks can score you a table in a minute or two. (Video via OpenTable)

But what if reserving a table was even easier? Say, as simple as sending a tweet? (Video via Twitter)

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Well, London-based start-up Twizoo is looking to do just that starting Tuesday.

The app already rates restaurants and bars based on what people are saying about them on Twitter. But now, the company is looking to use that same algorithm to snag users a reservation with just one tweet. (Video via Twizoo)

All you’ll have to do is make a reservation request using the hashtag #TweetToBook, and Twizoo will automatically check the restaurant’s booking system and tweet you back with the confirmation details.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? But, as Eater points out, things could get dicey if a reservation time isn’t available.

“Would a customer have to keep tweeting out random times until one finally works? That would be more work than logging into a service like OpenTable and looking at all available times at once.”

Another potential issue — Twizoo teamed up with booking platform Hardens for the project to “tap into the Hardens existing booking database so the company didn't have to create its own.”

So, at least for now, you’ll only be able to book with restaurants on Hardens’ platform.

But Twizoo’s CEO is confident in the new endeavor. She told Business Insider the company’s “growth is happening organically.”

For now, the new service is only available in London. But the company also has a San Francisco office, so it could likely expand there next. (Video via Digital Catapult Centre)

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