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Gretchen Carlson Gets $20 Million Settlement From Fox News

The settlement comes two months after the former Fox News anchor filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger Ailes.
Gretchen Carlson Gets $20 Million Settlement From Fox News

Gretchen Carlson has reportedly settled her lawsuit against Roger Ailes two months after the former Fox News anchor sued the network's former chairman for sexual harassment.

According to Vanity Fair, Fox News has agreed to settle Carlson's suit on behalf of Ailes for $20 million. The network also released a public apology as a part of the settlement, though Ailes has denied the allegations.

Minutes after the settlement was announced, it was reported that Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren will be stepping down from her show, "On the Record," and Brit Hume will take over Tuesday night. The network didn't say why she was leaving.

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That's just some of the fallout Fox News has seen since Carlson's lawsuit. The suit launched an internal review, spurred dozens of women to come forward and ultimately led to Ailes' resignation.

The New York Daily News said Ailes reportedly received a $40 million severance package and is now advising the Trump campaign.

As for Carlson, she said she's ready for the next chapter and will redouble her efforts to empower women in the workplace.