Google Is Getting Into The Ride-Hailing Business

Google and Waze are trying to build a ride-hailing service around San Francisco workers' daily commutes.
Google Is Getting Into The Ride-Hailing Business

Google is enlisting fellow Alphabet subsidiary Waze to muscle into San Francisco's already crowded ride-hailing business.

The Wall Street Journal reports Google is testing a pilot ride-hailing program with several thousand Bay Area workers. The initiative aims to connect drivers looking to earn a little bit of income from their daily commute with riders who happen to be heading in the same direction.

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Ride-hailing company Uber already operates a similar carpooling program in the region, but it focuses on hailing on-demand rides. Google just wants users to piggyback off of the commutes that are already happening.

Google is hoping Waze's popularity with drivers will help it compete with more established companies. The Journal notes Google might also be trying to undercut the competition as well — fares cost just 54 cents a mile. 

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