Georgia Officer Shot After Responding To The Wrong Home

Police officers were given a generic description of a home where a suspicious person was reported.
Georgia Officer Shot After Responding To The Wrong Home

An Atlanta-area officer was critically wounded after responding to a call at the wrong house Monday night. 

DeKalb County police were responding to a suspicious-person call when an officer was shot in the thigh inside the home. The homeowner was also shot, and a dog inside the home was killed. 

"We did respond to the wrong resident here tonight," DeKalb County police's Dr. Cedric Alexander told reporters

Police say the confusion started when they were given a generic description of a gray house and no address. Officers entered the house matching the description, but it was the wrong house

Once inside, police announced their presence. From there, it's unclear how things escalated into gunfire. 

"His wife, Leah, was hysterical. I went to talk to her for a minute and she said Chris had been shot," a neighbor told WXIA.  

The department has now handed the investigation over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The officer's name has not yet been released. 

This video includes an image from Scott Davidson / CC BY 2.0.

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