First Xbox One Console Is Being Guarded By Sharks

The first console to be sold will go to a lucky New Zealander, and until then it's under the watchful eyes of 20 sand tiger sharks.

By Steven Sparkman | November 13, 2013

On Nov. 22, Microsoft's newest console, the Xbox One, will go on sale. The company is planning to present the first new Xbox sold to a lucky New Zealander, and until then it's keeping the unit under lock and key — and fin and tooth.

Yep, it's being guarded by sharks. The company put the console in a water-tight case, weighted it down and set it on the bottom of a tank containing 20 sand tiger sharks, hosted by Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium. (Via 3 News)

Your move, Xbox thieves. If no one does manage to make off with the loot, the console will be fished up and handed to the first customer at a midnight launch party.

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"We decided to look for the ultimate in security, and we rang up the Kelly Tarlton's people and said 'Hey, you guys have got a shark tank. Could we potentially borrow it?'" (Via The New Zealand Herald)

So it was all just about practical security measures, obviously.

Sort of like how the company also put a giant Xbox One in Vancouver, which spawned a zombie apocalypse. That was just a public service announcement or something. (Via YouTube / Xbox Canada)

The company can be forgiven for going a little over the top with its marketing though. There hasn't been a new Xbox console debut in eight years.

Well, unless you count the ones that are already in customers' hands. The company confirmed last week that a handful of consoles had already shipped due to a distributor error. (Via Kotaku, Major Nelson)

Oh, well, the shark thing is still cool. Everyone who won't get an early order or a sunken treasure will be able to get their consoles at one of Microsoft's 10,000 midnight launch parties Nov. 22.