Self-Driving Beer Trucks Are The Wave Of The Future

Anheuser-Busch just used a self-driving truck to deliver a whole lot of beer — 2,000 cases, to be exact.
Self-Driving Beer Trucks Are The Wave Of The Future

This truck just drove itself across the state of Colorado to deliver beer. 

Two thousand cases of Budweiser, to be specific. 

The trip was a joint mission between Anheuser-Busch and the Uber-owned company Otto.

The 50,000 cans of beer are actually the first commercial delivery ever made by a self-driving truck.

"The incredible success of this pilot shipment is an example of what is possible when you deploy self-driving technology," Lior Ron, the co-founder of Otto, said. 

That's not to say there wasn't someone on board for the 120-mile trip. A driver was on hand to help get the truck on and off the interstate.

Anheuser-Busch says it could save as much as $50 million each year in the U.S. using self-driving vehicles for distribution. 

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